We are delighted to welcome you to our Warfield Nursery class page.

Warfield Nursery is available on two sites; All Saints-All Saints Rise and Woodhurst-Sopwith Road. 

In Nursery we focus our teaching and learning on developing children's Personal, Social and Emotional skills, their Communication and Language development and encourage children to become skilled in their Physical Development. We teach the children within smaller groups to help them become confident to talk to their peers, build friendships and become good listeners. Our small groups are all named after minibeasts and are mixed groups of girls and boys, ages and abilities. 

During this Summer term we will be  focusing on rhyme. We will be using various number rhymes as well as traditional nursery rhymes. To start our new topic both nurseries joined together at the Woodhurst site to have a teddy bear picnic together. The children all played and made some new friends, they explored the lovely meadow with their teddies and engaged with their new surroundings. The teddy bears had their own picnic drinking cups of tea and pieces of cake, it really was a fabulous day! 

To further enhance our learning or the rhyming topic we  invited a doctor to talk to the children about their daily job, this is in relation to the rhyme Miss Polly had a dolly.

The second half of the summer term will be focused on summer related topics including the seaside, oceans and mammals and mermaids and pirates. This will be an exciting term and will incorporate an element of "getting school ready" as this is the last half term for some of our children. We shall be encouraging the children to become independent in their learning as well as being able to put their own coat and shoes on and getting ready for lunch. These are vital skills to learn as well as attempting to write their own name. 

For further information of what we are learning on a weekly basis please refer to the Nursery Newsletters that are published at the end of each week.

We are always available to talk to you about your child's learning and we ensure staff available at drop off and collection times. We all work as part of a team at Warfield Nursery and therefore we are familiar with all the children who attend our nursery. We will of course pass on information to your child's key worker or the class teacher as appropriate and invite you to speak to us about any concerns or celebrations you wish to share.

Kind regards,

Mrs Dee Burgisser

All Saints Nursery Class Teacher

Miss Elaine Dick

Woodhurst Nursery Class Teacher

Key Workers:

All Saints:

Miss Knight                Mrs Crispin             Mrs Miller / Mrs Groves            Mrs Main


Mrs Pond        Mrs Harris/Mrs Thompson         Mrs Gostelow         Miss Tighe                               


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