Dormice (Year 2 AS)


Hello Dormice,

As we are now doing our learning from home, you will find everything you need attached to this page. 

Monday 23rd March 2020: - This weeks project is called 'My Family' (link below - 'Week 1 Learning Project KS1').

We hope you enjoy finding out lots about the people in your family. 

Also, you will find a list of ideas you can complete at home without using a computer (link below - 'KS1 Non-Online Ideas').

If you have any questions, please use our email address: and one of the KS1 team will reply. 

Kind regards,

KS1 team

Y2 The Easter Journal with VIPERS questions.pdf

Download (1.87 MB)

Y2 The Easter Journal story PPT version.pdf

Download (1.99 MB)

Y2 Setting Descriptions Writing Activities.pdf

Download (572.21 KB)

Y2 Common Exception Words Booklet 1.pdf

Download (616.55 KB)

Yr2 Wordlist 11.pdf

Download (133.51 KB)

Y2 Easter Differentiated Reading Comprehension.pdf

Download (1.74 MB)

Y2 Multiplication and Division Word Problems.pdf

Download (1.18 MB)

Y2 Common Exception Words Booklet 2.pdf

Download (151.24 KB)

Y2 Adult Read Aloud Activity.pdf

Download (385.02 KB)

Y2 Addition and Subtraction Word Problems.pdf

Download (279.53 KB)

Yr2 Wordlist 10.pdf

Download (35.79 KB)

Y2 Home Learning Spring 2 2020.pdf

Download (1.2 MB)

Y2 Spring 1 & 2 2020 'Fire! Fire!'.pdf

Download (481.07 KB)

Teddy Spelling Words.pdf

Download (595.65 KB)

Robot Spelling Words.pdf

Download (1.07 MB)

Rocket Spelling Words.pdf

Download (456.79 KB)

In-depth Book Review Template.pdf

Download (261.55 KB)

KS2 Book Review Template.pdf

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Download (304.53 KB)

KS1 Reading Vipers.pdf

Download (1.27 MB)

Twinkl YR2 Book List.pdf

Download (113.7 KB)

Pie Corbett YR2 Recommended Books.pdf

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Download (607.43 KB)


Download (14.72 KB)

100 Square.pdf

Download (250.52 KB)

Number line.pdf

Download (200.42 KB)

KS1 Book Review Template.pdf

Download (12.92 KB)

Learning at Home Years 1 and 2.pdf

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Download (173.73 KB)

KS1 Non Online Ideas.pdf

Download (98.54 KB)

Education City (Username & password in reading records)

Phonics Play

Purple Mash (Username & password in reading records)

Read with Phonics

Nessy (Secret Word: GIANTSKIPPER)

SumDog (Username & password in reading records)