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Week 3 Learning Projects

Dear Parents/ Carers and Foxes,

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and have stayed safe and well.

Week 3 Learning Projects are now online ready for you to get going with, as well as some templates for these which can be found on the 'Activities' section of Seesaw. You can access the Online Learning drive by clicking here, select Year 1 & 2, where you will find the document and a tab above called ‘Week 3’ with lots of lovely resources. The document can also be found on this page.

The BBC's Bitesize and Oak Academy have also launched today, both of which include lots of amazing lessons designed by educational experts; I have added their links to this page on the right hand side as well. I would really encourage you to take a look, try some of the learning out, and let me know how you get on by posting your progress to Seesaw!

As ever, if you need any help, support or have any questions, please feel free to email me at: 

Kind regards,

Mr Riordan



Easter Learning Ideas and Projects

Dear Parents/ Carers,

With the Easter period nearly upon us, I thought it would be useful to put together some ideas to help support you in keeping our children engaged and busy.

I have today uploaded a ‘Easter Learning Ideas and Projects’ document to Warfield’s Online Learning drive, where you will find lots of ideas to keep on learning and mini projects related to the theme of Easter. You can access the Online Learning drive by clicking here, select Year 1 & 2, where you will find the document and a tab above called ‘Easter Ideas’ with lots of lovely resources. To make it easier, the document itself contains direct links to the relevant resources. The document can also be found below on this page.

Easter learning and the mini projects are, of course, entirely optional. However, I would love to see as many children as possible engaged and kept busy, and would love to continue seeing their great work - you can use Seesaw to upload work examples to their online journal!

I will be aiming to make direct contact with you this week if I have not already done so recently via a variety of means such as email, Seesaw or by phone where possible, but I would like to say ‘Happy Easter’ and wish you all a relaxed, happy and, most importantly, safe holiday.

Kind regards,

Mr Riordan



Week 2 Online Home Learning

Dear Parents, Carers and Foxes,

Week 2's distance home learning projects have now been uploaded onto our new front page and attached here below. Week 2's project theme is 'The area I live in...'

If you have any questions, please use our new dedicated Key Stage 1 email address, and one of the KS1 Team will reply.

Have fun with your learning and keep me updated with your progress!

Kind regards,

Mr Riordan.



Hello Foxes!

As we are now completing our learning from home, you will find everything you need attached to this page.

Monday 23rd March 2020 - This weeks project is called My Family (see link below).

We hope you enjoy finding out lots about the people in your family!

You will also find a list of ideas you can complete at home without using a computer (see link below).

If you have any questions, please use our new dedicated Key Stage 1 email address, and one of the KS1 Team will reply.

Keep smiling, keep safe and keep on learning!

Kind regards,

Mr Riordan.




Dear Parents, Carers and Foxes,

A quick note from me to say I hope everyone stays as safe and well as possible over the next 'x' amount of time and remember that, no matter what, we are always 'Team Foxes' and 'Team Warfield'!

I am immensely proud of every single one of you and the progress you have all made since the start of Year 2 has been amazing. I hope you continue this at home and look forward to hearing all about your learning journey.

Things are still to be decided and implemented - for that I can only apologise - we will be in touch shortly. For now, we have uploaded a number of documents to help you with learning at home on this page - please ensure you read 'Learning At Home Years 1 and 2' first. We have also added lots of lovely things to our class 'city' on Education City, so please take a look and use the log in cards we have sent home within the last week.

We will be in touch shortly, but until then stay safe, well, happy and know that we love and care for you from afar :-) 

Mr Riordan and Mrs Sherwood,

Foxes Class Teachers


Week 3 Learning Project KS1 wc 20th April.pdf

Download (290.03 KB)

Easter Learning Ideas and Projects KS1.pdf

Download (224.63 KB)


Download (257.01 KB)

KS1 Non Online Ideas.pdf

Download (98.54 KB)

Week 1 Learning Project KS1.pdf

Download (173.73 KB)

DT booklet - GFoL Houses.docx

Download (104.88 KB)

WRM Letter.pdf

Download (35.32 KB)

Y2 Setting Descriptions Writing Activities.pdf

Download (572.21 KB)

Y2 The Easter Journal with VIPERS questions.pdf

Download (1.87 MB)

Y2 Maths Lessons.pdf

Download (566.92 KB)

Y2 App and Website Suggestions.pdf

Download (353.94 KB)

Y2 Parents Reading Questions.pdf

Download (587.26 KB)

Y2 Reading Activity.pdf

Download (178.54 KB)

Y2 Adult Read Aloud Activity.pdf

Download (385.02 KB)

Yr2 Wordlist 11.pdf

Download (133.51 KB)

Y2 Common Exception Words Booklet 1.pdf

Download (616.55 KB)

Y2 Common Exception Words Booklet 2.pdf

Download (151.24 KB)

Y2 Multiplication and Division Word Problems.pdf

Download (1.18 MB)

Y2 Addition and Subtraction Word Problems.pdf

Download (279.53 KB)

Learning at Home Years 1 and 2.pdf

Download (428 KB)

Yr2 Wordlist 10.pdf

Download (35.79 KB)

Y2 Home Learning Spring 2 2020.pdf

Download (1.2 MB)

Teddy Spelling Words.pdf

Download (595.65 KB)

Rocket Spelling Words.pdf

Download (456.79 KB)

Robot Spelling Words.pdf

Download (1.07 MB)

Y2 Spring 1 & 2 2020 'Fire! Fire!'.pdf

Download (481.07 KB)

KS1 Book Review Template.pdf

Download (12.92 KB)

In-depth Book Review Template.pdf

Download (261.55 KB)

KS2 Book Review Template.docx

Download (1.76 MB)

KS1 Reading Vipers.pdf

Download (1.27 MB)

Meet the new Teacher 2019 FOXES.pdf

Download (945.22 KB)

Foxes 2019 2020 Allergy Poster.pdf

Download (653.06 KB)

Pie Corbett YR2 Recommended Books.pdf

Download (343.57 KB)

Year 1 Phonics Screeening Check Presentation for Parents (Website) 2.pdf

Download (325.12 KB)

Year 2 SATS Reading Information.pdf

Download (1.6 MB)

Diary sentence starters.pdf

Download (15.29 KB)


Download (517.8 KB)

Number line.pdf

Download (200.42 KB)

100 Square.pdf

Download (250.52 KB)


Download (607.43 KB)


Download (14.72 KB)

KS1 Math Evening for Parents.pdf

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