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At Warfield CE Primary School, we use a banded reading scheme. In recent years we have developed our reading scheme and have a good range of texts per band which include stories, plays and information books. The class teacher and TAs regularly discuss how each child is progressing with their reading and if or when they have met the requirements to move onto the next stage. This includes reading fluency and how confidently they read. How they decode new words, the level to which they understand what they have read and their ability to discuss the text and answer a range of comprehension questions. Once children have reached the top band of the reading scheme they are then able to move onto 'Teachers Choice'. Each class has a collection of suitable books that children may choose from. Alternatively, they may discuss their next book choice with their class teacher. 

We ask that children share reading every night at home. This may be a reading scheme book, a home book, a newspaper, a menu or any other engaging reading text. We would also ask that children are read to, read with or read to someone. Parents and carers can keep notes in the Reading Record and when someone in school shares reading with your child, they will also note this in the Reading Record. Please help children to remember to bring their Reading Records into school with them everyday. Class teachers hear every child read in a variety of ways; Book Talk, Guided Reading, one to one reading, cross curricular reading and much more. We link our reading teaching and learning to every area of the curriculum. 

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