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Website Links – Good Curriculum Content

The following websites I believe provide good curriculum content to varying degrees. Pick and choose the bits you think work and keep in mind that Ofsted will base your curriculum conversation on what they read on your website. Getting your website right and is very important and sets the tone. The more information you provide the less questions they will have to ask to ascertain basic curriculum facts.

1.    Seaburn Dene Primary School -

2.    Goldsworth Primary School – (Look at the topic webs/plans)

3.    Fielding primary School –

4.    Front Street Primary School –

5.    Lowbrook Academy –

6.    Manley Park Primary School –

7.    Grove Lea Primary School –

8.    Toftwood Infant School – (This one has some nice parent hep videos)

9.    West Meon Primary School –

10.  Bourn Academy –

11.  Chirstopher Hatton Primary School –

This is just a few of the great school websites around. If you would like some more links or websites which are particularly strong in specific aspects please let me know.

RM - Added websites

Individual curriculum visions

SMSC within English

British values in the English curriculum

SMSC/British Values in all curriculum areas