Warfield School Consultation

The Governing Board of Warfield C of E Primary School submitted a proposal in January 2021 to unite the school community on to one site by migrating the All Saints Site to the Woodhurst Site, before 1st April 2022.  In order to safeguard the continued provision of the best education for our children, and to further enhance this through greater efficiency and financial stability that being on a single site would bring.

Following the consultation the Governing Board has elected to pause the consultation process in order to fully address the views expressed regarding transport and to work proactively with our partners at the Local Authority including the Education and Highways Departments. The safety of our children on their journey to school is of paramount importance and, in light of the views expressed, we have been reflecting on how best to address this aspect of the consultation responses. It has been identified that a body of work will need to be completed to answer the questions posed about travelling to and from school and we have already taken additional advice from a specialist consultant with expertise in this area. 

 A further stage of consultation will therefore be undertaken with yourselves which will be informed by feedback from the Highways Department upon conclusion of its feasibility study. This is likely to be around September 2021.

All documentation regarding this proposal and the outcomes so far are available on this page.

Consultation Letter to Parents 17.3.pdf

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School Consultation - Children's Views.pdf

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Warfield Proposed Migration Survey Outcomes.pdf

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Responses to questions from Public Meeting.pdf

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Warfield CE School Consultation Leaflet.pdf

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Warfield CE School Consultation Additional Information.pdf

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Warfield CE School Consultation Document.pdf

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