Phase 2

This page gives you an overview of Phase 2 and some games you can play at home.

Phase 2 Coverage:

- set 1: s a t p

- set 2: i n m d

- set 3: g o c k

- set 4: ck e u r

- set 5: h b f/ff l/ll ss

- VC words e.g. in, at

- CVC words e.g. rat, pin

- Continue oral blending and segmenting

- 2 syllable words

- Read tricky words: the to I no go into

Picture and URL Game  Skill    Picture and URL Game  Skill 
Phase 2 CVC Pick a Picture Read CVC words Phase 2 Phoneme Pop Phoneme Pop Recognise sounds
CVC Machine CVC Machine Read CVC words Onset Rime Wheel CVC Word Wheel Build CVC words
Phase 5 Buried Treasure Buried Treasure Read real and fake words Conveyebelt Letter Lifter Initial Letter Sounds

Phase 2 Weekly Planning_.pdf

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