Phase 5

This page gives you an overview of Phase 5 and some games you can play at home.

Phase 5a Coverage:

Read and spell:

  • wh ph
  • split digraph ‘e’
  • ay ea ie oe ew ue au aw ou oy ir ey
  • tricky words: oh, their, people, Mr., Mrs., looked, called, asked, could

Phase 5b Coverage:

  • -tch, -ve, ow (snow), -ore, are (scare), -y (happy),
  • compound words
  • Use the spelling rule for adding –s or –es as the plural marker for nouns and the third person singular marker for verbs.
  • Spell words with the prefix un– and suffixes –ing, –ed, –er and –est where no change is needed in the spelling of root word.
  • Read and spell fully decodable high frequency words on 100 list and read contracted words e.g. I’ll


Picture and URL Game  Skill    Picture and URL Game  Skill 
Phase 5 Buried Treasure  Buried Treasure  Read real & fake words Phase 5 Sentence Sub  Sentence Substitution Read words and build sentences
Magic E Magic 'e' Game Read split digraphs Dragons Den Dragon's Den Blend real and fake words
Tell a TRex Tell A T Rex Read words within sentences Dragons Eggs Dragon's Eggs Read high frequency words

Phase 5 Weekly Planning1_.pdf

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