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At Warfield CE Primary School, we have a reading scheme. The PTA have generously donated money to add newer books to our scheme, and we now have a good range per 'reading colour' including stories, plays and information books. The class teacher and the LSA meet regularly to decide if a child has fulfilled the requirements to move up to the next colour, which means they must not only be confident to read the words, but also understand what they have read and answer comprehension questions.

The progression through the scheme:

Pink Books

Red Books

Yellow Books

Blue Books

Green Books

Orange Books

Light Blue/Turquoise Books

Purple Books

Gold Books

White Books

Lime/Dark Green Books

Once children have completed the reading scheme (after lime/dark green) they are classed as a 'free reader'. We have a collection of suitable books in every class that children may then choose from, or they can bring in books from home/local library to read. We recommend that rather than trying to read a chapter or book a night that pupils read around 5 pages to their parent/carer and then are asked questions to develop their comprehension skills (see downloadable document to the right).

We ask that children share reading every night at home (whether a reading scheme book or book of choice; are read to, read with or read to someone). Parents and carers can keep notes in the Reading Record. When someone in school hears your child read, they will also note this in the Reading Record - so this needs to be in school every day.

Class teachers hear every child read in Guided Reading each week. This is not noted in Reading Records.

An adult in school hears every child read at least once a week (KS1) and every other week (KS2).

Each child has a reading target written on a laminated bookmark. The adults in school award a sticker each time the child independently shows that they have achieved the target, and once the boxes all have stickers in, the child will be given a new target bookmark.

Please find downloadable documents to the right that will help with reading at home.

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