Welcome to our Maths page at Warfield CE Primary School.  I lead maths across our school. This year I am looking at the progression and development of maths calculations across our school and developing children's mental maths skills to enable them to make faster progress.

This page contains useful resources and websites to support maths learning at home.

Maths Week at Warfield CE Primary took place from 1st-5th June 2015.  Our theme this year was Money and Enterprise. Here are some photo highlights from the week. I am immensely proud of all of our children who worked so hard to take part in the Fiver Challenge. 



Many thanks to all of the parents who attended the Year 3, 4 and 5 Parent Information Evening in November. I hope you found this session useful and will continue to support your child at home by regular times table work at home. Working on maths with your child at home does not need to be time consuming or involve written work. Playing times table and number games involving objects, cards, dice etc are often the best ways to engage and interact with your child to enhance their learning. Some of the best maths thinking is not done using pencil and paper! Allow children time to talk about their learning and explain their thinking and methods to you. If your child is having any difficultly on a particular concept THEY should talk to their teacher who will be able to offer more support if necessary. As always, if you have any maths specific questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mrs Exton

Year 6 Teacher & Maths Subject Leader

Remember: 'Confidence is not about always being right, but always knowing what to do when things go wrong.'


Maths News:maths week display

  • Our second maths week 'It's a puzzle!' took place at Warfield on the 3rd-7th February 2014. We were very lucky to have  a visit from 'Mathsmagician' Andrew Jeffery who inspired and engaged our children with his 'Magic of Maths' Shows. There was also a whole school cross phase problem solving morning where our children worked with other age ranges across the school to support each other in tackling a range of problems which ranged from maths mazes, match stick puzzles, direction puzzles, sudoku, domino and shape problems to creating their own exiting puzzles for others to solve.

This is what some of our pupils thought of maths week 2014:

"The best thing about maths week was that we went to different classes. I went into the hall to do a maths maze."

"I really enjoyed maths week. I loved the Maths Magician. He was really funny and really clever. I enjoyed going around to other classrooms and trying the different fun activities. I liked helping out younger children. Having special weeks like this one are really fun for everyone. Thank you to the teachers who organised this."


  • We have now successfully recently introduced SUMDOG in Year 1. It is already been used in Y2-6. This is an interactive maths ICT resource that can also be used at home to support mental maths learning. I hope the children have been enjoying using this as much as we have! Teachers can focus the questions and skills that children are asked when they login to tailor questions to individual children. When asked what they thought about SUMDOG one of our Year 6 pupils said: "It is really fun and a good way to get kids to do maths". Keep up the hard work to earn those coins!  

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