The internet is integral to the lives of children. It opens up new opportunities and is now an essential part of their every day world whether they are using it for homework, to talk and share materials with their friends or for a multitude of other uses that are legitimate and beneficial in so many ways. It also has many dangers of which your children may not be fully aware.

For e-safety information for Parents, visit https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/ or any of the other links on the e-safety page.

You can register for monthly email updates that will provide you with information on new and emerging technologies and tips on how to keep your family safe whilst online.

There are also lots of useful articles on the CEOP Parentzone website which you can access below:

In the modern, technical and on-line world, it can be very daunting for parents. How do you know what is best when it comes to your children and technology? Even games consoles can connect to the internet these days.

Please find some documents and links here which we think are very helpful and informative on this subject.

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