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Dear Parents and Carers,
Following our earlier correspondence, about the necessary changes to the usage of the school car park, we wish to inform you the new system will begin on Monday 3rd July 2017. Thank you for your applications for parking permits, we will be informing you by school comms if you have qualified for a permit, or if your application did not meet the set criteria. Families, who qualify for a permit, will need to collect them from the school office.
As you are aware, we are obliged to start enforcing the conditions of the school travel plan and therefore need to limit the use of the school car park at drop off and collection time, to permit holders only. Once the scheme is in operation from Monday 3rd July, only drivers displaying a permit will be able to enter the car park to look for a space before and after school.
Permits will last until July 2018, unless your personal circumstances change and you no longer qualify for the permit. If your circumstances change that allow you to qualify for a parking permit please collect a form from the school office, complete and return.
School Car Parks
The car park at the front of the school will be for staff, blue badge holders, WASPS permit holders and incidental visitors during the school day. The car park towards the back of the school will be for parents with parking permits.
Entry and Exit Points for the School
Nursery - The nursery children will continue to use their own dedicated entrance directly into the Nursery.
Reception & KS1 – Reception and KS1 children will continue to enter directly into their classrooms from the KS1 playground. The KS1 playground gate and classroom doors will be opened at 8.35 am, prior to this time parents and children can wait along the pathway leading to the KS1 playground. A member of the breakfast club staff will open the playground gate at 8.35 am. No Reception or KS1 child should be left without an adult, it is a parental responsibility to handover their young child between 8.35 and 8.45 am.
KS2 - KS2 children will now enter their classrooms directly from the KS2 playground. The KS2 playground gate and classroom doors will be opened at 8.35 am, prior to this time parents and children can wait in the area at the bottom of the drop-off zone steps, close to the KS2 playground gate. A member of staff will open the playground gate at 8.35 am. KS2 children should not arrive before 8.35 am.
At the end of the school day all children will handed out of their own classrooms. Nursery, Reception and KS1 finish at 3.15 pm and should be collected first. Parents who also have KS2 children should then walk around to the KS2 playground to collect their older child at 3.20 pm.
The Morning Drop-Off Zone for KS2 Pupils
KS2 parents can use the drop-off zone from 8.35 am. KS2 children, who use the drop-off zone, can then walk down the steps and along into the KS2 playground. There is no staff supervision until 8.35 am so children should not arrive earlier. KS1 children, are not permitted to use the drop-off zone, as parents need to accompany their younger child round to the infant playground and then stay with their child until staff open the classroom doors.
Permit Holders
If you have qualified for a permit, you must ensure it is clearly displayed on your car dashboard as you drive through the school gates and whilst you are parked in the parent car park.
WASPS Permit Holders
WASPS permit holders can continue to park in the car park at the front of the school and access WASPS as normal. Children should be at WASPS by 8.20 am the latest, to give them time to eat breakfast before joining their class at 8.35 am.
Disability Access Spaces
Blue badge holders or cars transporting a blue badge holder are able to still use the car park at the front of the school, which has disability access spaces.
Best wishes,
Mrs Paula Jenkins and Mrs Anna Kennedy

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